June 16, 2017

GeoLyx Software

Providing the Perfect Symbiosis of Excel and Geographic Analytics

The GeoLyx.com MS Excel Add-on software provides the perfect synergy between Excel and Geographic Visualization and Analytics. It helps you to solve Geo-related business problems in a fraction of the time of traditional analytics approaches.

The GeoLyx.com Excel Add-On Software

Quick & Intuitive to Use

  • Create your first map out of Excel within minutes
  • Run through an interactive tutorial to get familiar with the software in minutes
  • Choose between a range of real business cases to get a head start solving your business problem

Unleash the Power Geographic Analytics in Excel

  • You are familiar with Excel? – The GeoLyx Add-on will allow you to apply your knowledge directly on the map
  • Auto update your data from Excel into the map
  • You rather want to work in the map than in Excel? No problem – Dual sync will reflect your edits in the map back in Excel

High Flexibility in Graphics & Icons Usage

  • Choose between hundreds of pre-defined mapping symbols. No cryptic symbol descriptions: What You See (in Excel) IS What You Get (on the map)
  • Not enough symbols? GeoLyx allows you to represent your locations with any font symbols, text or even graphics files
  • Connect your locations with Lines, Arrows or though Road Connectors – of course with information on distance & travelling time reflected back in your data
  • Add fully customizable background information on your locations into the map

Built by Practitioners – We Want to Make Geographic Analytics Work for You!

  • Filtering your data in Excel will reflect also in the map. In addition, use the built-in customizable filter functions on the map to quickly drill down in your data
  • Forget about the tedious search for mapping errors – the GeoLyx Excel Add-in will make errors directly visible in your data
  • Still need help? Check out our Training & Services offerings and our offering for Consultancies.


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