June 16, 2017

GeoLyx.com Training

Get your Analytics Teams to Achieve Results faster, with less data & with better alignment

Okay, with the GeoLyx Excel Add-in you have the means to solve your business problems more intuitive, more efficient and with better alignment. But you feel you and your team need some training to make Geographic Analytics work for you? Then we might have something for you:

The GeoLyx.com Geographic Analytics Workshop

Standardized, Effective, Hands-on Training

  • 1 day training to learn all you need to know about Geographic Analytics
  • Our workshop provides a structured approach to Geographic Analytics
  • Certification as a “GeoLyx.com Geographic Analytics Practitioner”

Make Geographic Analytics Work for Your Organization

  • Understand the key components of Geographic Analytics: The Data, the visualization, the decision making
  • Learn how to setup, visualize, solve business problems with Geographic Analytics
  • Understand mapping types and how to apply them to your business problem

An Interactive Learning Experience

  • Interact with other Analytics Managers, Data Scientists and Experts on real Geographic Analytics Business Problems
  • Learn how to solve business cases with the GeoLyx.com Excel Add-in Software
  • Apply Geographic Analytics to your own actual  business problem

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