June 15, 2017

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GeoLyx.com - Our Company

GeoLyx.com provides software, training & services in the area of Geographic Visualization & Analytics. We help our customers making business decisions 80% faster, more intuitive and with deeper insight. Our approach comprises over 10 years of hands-on experience in this area.

Our Approach

Drive decisions faster, more intuitive and more insightful through Geographic Visualization and Analytics

Geographic Analytics is a method to analyze your business data through the visualization of key metrics on a map.

Our approach helps you to organize, understand and control your data geographically, so that it can be analyzed more efficiently, enabling intuitive and more insightful decision making.

Geographic Analytics requires much less data than traditional data analytics approaches. At the same time it enables a deeper and more intuitive understanding of your data.

Our Mission:

We help our customers unleashing the power of geographic analytics

  • We make Geographic Analytics easily & quickly accessible
  • We aspire our customers to accomplish strategic and tactical geography decisions
  • 80% faster providing vibrant transparency and deep understanding of their data
  • Key to the success is the simplicity of our software, making data intuitively understandable

Your Value:

Speed, intuition & insight

Speed: Achieve results up to 80% faster at lower cost than with traditional, pure data driven approaches

Analyzing business data can be tedious and time consuming: Even when data is plentiful available, the effort to clean and understand the data is often high. With Geographic Analytics you visualize the data so you get much faster a good understanding of the situation. You can pinpoint root causes and influencing factors reducing the number of potential solutions - and with this the amount of data to give a recommendation - significantly. This helps you to achieve your results much faster, and with less data than traditional data analytics approaches.

Intuition: Intuitive understanding, no black box solutions

No one likes black box solutions - why? In many business problems, there can be framing conditions such as regulatory or tax conditions that make theoretically optimal solutions impractical or infeasible. The position "Trust me, I know the numbers" just won't do the job. With Geographic Analytics you can capture such framing conditions upfront rather than after your analysis. We call this "harvesting the intuition behind the problem". This not only leads to better results, it also helps driving better alignment of the overall analysis  in your organization.

Insight: Be from the start on top of the data – not the data being on top of you

Geographic Analytics aims at understanding the situation rather than theorizing solutions. Through Geographic Analytics you not only get a deeper insight into your data, you can also capture data gaps much easier. With this you are able to convert myriads of meaningless data points (we call it "thin data") -  into meaningful ("thick") data.


Save time & cost, get insight and grow your business.
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